Fan Friday: Firefly Fan Art, Tribute to Loot Crate Fan Film “The ‘Verse”


My Gramma and I are halfway through watching¬†Firefly, which I’ve been a fan of since i first saw Serenity¬†in theaters. To commemorate our inaugural viewing of the too-short series, and Loot Crate’s awesome new Firefly fan film, “The Verse”, (below,) I’ve finally created some fan art I’ve been dying to do.

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Don’t Miss Out on Top Shelf Comics’ “Massive $3 Sale”!


While I have bemoaned in the past the lies on lies on lies from DC about “Drawing the Line at $2.99″, Image and, more recently, Top Shelf are making up for it in spades. The latter is having a monster sale of their comics, with many books dipping down to $3, #1, and even one cent!

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Faith-Based FAQ: Can Satan Possess Me?

While reading my daily devotions, I came across the portion of Scripture right before Jesus’ death, when Judas conspires with the chief priests. Before even introducing Judas, however, Scripture says this about him:

Then Satan entered into Judas called Iscariot, who was of the number of the twelve.

To those unfamiliar with Judas, this comes as something of a shock. Judas is rarely mentioned before this point, and even Matthew feels the need to remind us “[he] was of … the twelve” disciples.

So why was it so easy for Satan to possess someone so close to Jesus? Does this mean we are all at risk of possession at any time?

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