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Comedians Debate God’s Existence and It’s Hilarious

In an age of internet flame wars and giant squids of anger, it’s great seeing people debate religion in a way that is, yes, offensive, but not hurtful. There are so many fallacies to trip over, and while on W. Kamau Bell’s unfortunately defunct show, Totally Biased, Jamie Kilstein and John Fugelsang use their bias to bring humor, rather than harm.

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Battle for the Tights: Who Will Be the New Robin?


Comics solicitations are (no pun intended) becoming the bane of some writers’ existence. In an era where your four issue story arc can be ruined months ahead of time because of online records, available to everyone, it’s hard to keep some things close to the breast … feathers…

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Get ‘Hellboy’, ‘Only Living Boy’, and ‘Gauntlet’ Free on NoiseTrade!


And the deals just keep coming!

For those of you who’ve somehow managed not to pay what you want for almost $200 of Star Wars comics, I applaud your iron will. Also, you’re bantha fodder.

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‘Avengers 2′ Trailer Leaks… and It’s a Bowl of Awesome Sauce


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Midnight Snack: Amy Dallen & The HORROR of the Comics Code Authority!


We try to get all our posts up before sundown, but every once in a whilewe find something that needs to be sharedkind of like a Midnight SnackEnjoy!

While writing about the Star Wars Humble Bundle, (one more week to pay what you want for $190 of Star Wars comics, folks!), I explained how it supports CBLDF, and why they’re so gosh darn important. I talked about Frederic Wertham and how a cavalcade of his pop psychologist followers shut down 15 comic book companies, just through the power of public opinion! What could be more scary?!

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