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Marvel Racks Up Six Events for Summer 2015, And Counting…


While many great comics have come out of Marvel Now!, I was under the impression that Marvel’s “relaunch” would mean less big events and more focus on individual comics.

Boy, was I wrong.

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Pay What You Want for $190 Worth of Star Wars Comics!


Every nerd this side of Dagobah is itching for Star Wars Episode VII to grace our screens, (and wipe our memory drives of those sub-par prequels.) While we wait, perhaps some Star Wars comics will keep our inner force balanced.

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John Grisham Defends Child Porn Viewers, Not “Real Pedophiles”

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REVIEW: Death of Wolverine #4 – Weapon X-Position


My favorite Wolverine issue is Wolverine #32 by Mark Millar and Kaare Andrews. In it, Logan is a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp. Rather than dispatching Nazi soldiers, he opts instead to stand as a silent ghost, unkillable, no matter how many times he is gassed, shot at, or how long he stands outside, in sub zero temperatures. While the issue itself has a debatable concept, the key element, which Millar and Andrews nail, is the tone: we buy Logan as a nonviolent spectre because of how he is written, and how he is not written.

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The Great Pumpkin, and the Long Dark Night of the Soul


Charles Schulz is pretty much the lost Coen Brother of the comics industry. While everyone enjoys the holiday specials and precocious charm of Peanuts gang, lurking underneath is an honest look at our seasons of loneliness and doubt. Probably the most famous example of this is the Peanuts’ Halloween Special: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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