New Nightwing Web Series Great for ‘Arrow’ Fans


Ok: confession time. I don’t watch Arrow, nor does it appeal to me very much. But after re-watching The Walking Dead pilot, I think I realized why I like the Nightwing web series pilot. Allow me to explain:

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Get Gauntlet Magazine #2: Banner Over Ashes on Your Tablet!


The next issue of our literary magazine is here! It features more poetry from friend and colleague Jessica Contreras, and short stories from yours truly. We are reprinting World Without Water, (a sci-fi story about a Jersey tour boat captain battling random natural phenomena,) continuing the story in a second installment, Sowing Seeds in Sinking Sand.

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Bryce Morgan – Creator of Captain Sun – Interview


Jon interviews the creator of Captain Sun, a comic book series combined with a devotional. Writer, artist, and pastor Bryce Morgan discusses his hero’s origins, the challenges of being an amateur professional, and mixed Christianity with pop culture.

Learn more about Captain Sun!

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