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REVIEW: Join the Kamala Korps with Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: “No Normal”


For starters: this is not a review of whether or not Marvel’s new “progressive streak” is working. Seeing as the comics in this trade were published before Thor became a woman and Cap became black, it doesn’t really even qualify as part of that “regime”, anyway. And, thanks be to God, its storyline is one whose pathos is much more rooted in character than her minority status.

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George Lucas’ New Film Combines ‘Shrek’ with ‘Rock of Ages’


I guess after re-defining a genre, George Lucas’ only option is to try all over again. But with Disney and Pixar fighting for King of the Playground, it might be hard to get Lucasfilm in that discussion, especially with something this . . . bizarre?

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NEEDTOBREATHE’s Lyric Video for “Wasteland” is My Anti-Scrooge


As the “Christmas season” begins, its easy to let your inner Scrooge out on family members, co-workers, or unsuspecting woodland creatures. You could comfort yourself with visions of figgy pudding, (whatever the heck that is,) or that special $500 present you’re waiting for, but if you’re honest, you know that’s not gonna do the trick. If anything, your heart will only shrink three sizes, and you might grow a green mustache!

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Christopher Nolan Wrote an ‘Interstellar’ Comic Tie-In and Published It Online


Here I am, waiting for Inception to get its own comic book mini-series, when director Chris Nolan is stepping down from the director’s chair to personally pen an Interstellar tie-in.

Well, I guess you take what you can get.

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