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Clint D. Johnson – Creator of Matthew Cross: Faith Walker – Interview


Jon interviews the creator of Matthew Cross: Faith Walker, minister and protector of Los Cosmos. Clint discusses the inspiration for his character’s costume, the upcoming “Art of Warfare” storyline, and his involvement with the Christian Comic Arts Society.

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Black Snake Moan Review: Exploitation Film Unlikely Parable on Addiction & Slut-Shaming


My love affair with exploitation films is something even I find difficult to explain. If I’m not watching The Cinema Snob mock bloody and (censored) graphic sexuality on his site, I’m probably watching over-the-top schlock via Netflix in my room, so as not to alarm my conservative folks. Films like From Dusk Till DawnFight Club, and Pulp Fiction have a grit to them that other “mainstream” movies just don’t pull off.

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Midnight Snack: Marvel’s ‘Civil War’ Teased via Leaked ‘Avengers 2′ Clip


We try to get all our posts up before sundown, but every once in a whilewe find something that needs to be sharedkind of like a Midnight SnackEnjoy!

If you’re still playing catch-up after Marvel’s 9-movie announcement, we’re here to offer some help. Our previous posts, including an Avengers 3.1 and 3.2 teaser, will summarize the long and short of the super duper press conference, and now: additional footage has leaked, from Avengers 2, which advertises the tone for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

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Watch Marvel’s Teaser for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

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