Alan Moore Takes Up ‘Crossed’, Carries It 100 Years Forward


Garth Ennis, current writer of the post-epidemic book Crossed, welcomed one of Britain’s best writers to take on his universe: Alan Moore. The author of Watchmen and V for Vendetta is using his talent for speculative fiction to take Ennis’ world 100 years into the future.

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Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘David and Goliath’ vs. Jonathan


I have heard about as many uplifting quotable lines from Malcolm Gladwell as I have from many other famous preachers. Unlike some of those preachers, Gladwell seems to be a bit more practical in his self-help tactics, challenging people to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and get the job done.

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Fan Friday: Firefly Fan Art, Tribute to Loot Crate Fan Film “The ‘Verse”


My Gramma and I are halfway through watching Firefly, which I’ve been a fan of since i first saw Serenity in theaters. To commemorate our inaugural viewing of the too-short series, and Loot Crate’s awesome new Firefly fan film, “The Verse”, (below,) I’ve finally created some fan art I’ve been dying to do.

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