First Superman Image Gives Us Hope for ‘Dawn of Justice’

Published on: Jul 03 2014 by Jon Matos, Co-Founder of

Those among us who yawned at earlier pictures of Clark Kent for the upcoming Batman v Superman movie can wake up and smell the awesome. This first look at Superman in the new film (below) is almost as sweet as the former look at Affleck’s Batman, next to a Burtonesque Batmobile. But that’s only the first layer of win.

Most fans’ only caveat for their excitement is the fear that the ‘Dawn of Justice’ subtitle means maybe 45 minutes of Bats / Supes rivalry, with the rest of the film being a Justice League hype-builder. However, the new Superman image hearkens to the film’s announcement.

While Man of Steel‘s operatic tone didn’t mesh with its low-brow Michael Bay-style direction, these images are a perfect sell for a Dark Knight Returns send-up. As a portion of that comic was read for the film’s first reveal, it seems the director, Zack Snyder, is going to at least attempt to bring some of that to bear in Batman v Superman.

If David S. Goyer, the film’s screenwriter, can manage not to pad the script with exposition and explosions, I think the subtlety of these images can bring us the world’s finest Batman v Superman story to date.


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